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Surprise! There should soon be a new Trio cdr on rasbliutto, recorded in October 2004 in Portland!

Attention! The Trio has released a new cdr: Love featuring the songs:
1, For George Donchev
2, For Soo-Jung Kae
3, for gravity goldberg
4, for tom davis
5, for jack wright
6, for florence foster jenkins
7, for morgan guberman
8, for todd whitman
9, for anthony braxton
10, for kyle lapidus
11, tomorrow's the future
[rasbliutto cdr 010 ltd edition of 25 hand-packaged]

In addition, the trio has discovered a way to transcend ordinary unity! You can find the trio disguised, with Kelvin Pittman and Matthew Voga, as Super Unity!

Version 1:

We are spies sent from a foreign land to learn secrets. We squeeze ideas until they squeal.

Version 2:

We play freely improvised music, relying on each other and our ears to guide us into fruitful & useful conversation. No plans, no agreements; no structures exist to catch us if we fall. We are both light-hearted and life-serious, because this music is like the air we wish to breath. We are known for relishing unusual performance situations: playing outdoors, at open-mic nights, in stairwells, on bicycle rikshaws, in inflatable plastic bubbles, public parks, busy intersections, and rock clubs. We also tend to avail ourselves of a variety of performative behaviors, as they occur to us. In our improvisations we are like spheres balancing on spheres, actively conversing with/reacting to each other and telling our own truest stories in our original voices.

Bryan Eubanks plays alto saxophone and percussion. He is also known as 1/2 of the duo Beds, and as the de facto leader of Fighting and Breeding. Jean-Paul (JP) Jenkins plays electric guitar, guitar synth, and alto clarinet. He has played with Peevish, Mantonal, and the Gringo Stars, and was previously known for his work in the jaja quartet. Joe Foster plays cornet and percussion, and is a participant in Peevish.

Songs download these free freely improvised MP3s:

Who cares about the circus?
572 59 8051
Minle Eyels Havle Seeln Thle Glorly Olf Thle Cominlg Olf Thle Lorld

It’s times and it’s lives -right
must look frankly and honestly to see if
that are synchronized and several. Meaning
gazing enough to go or to coax to rejoin
the this irregular. I dreaming vivid colors,
odors, tasting Senses?! How them? Pockets are
days that set the barometer’s token straight.
Must have had whale but I awaken to Acid
flashbacks. “Connect Four?has no Heroes?
What of Bashful Septuagenarian? Try to start
and you will have origami, some pure gut
juice, etc. right off the sidewalk when the
wambulance was found was a spit covered nail
like these when one goes to the gods for
answers. We ignore most of the guesses.
Really quite thrilling a dance routine, lit
from above, plastic types of conflict! If you
were aging bastards, one would be release
ooze prawn of me, the air from my lungs and
atmosphere. Dog is forbid TV schedule and
has got me More. And remembering more and
smelling distant fainter flavors, could I
live without feel sooo good on? End in –ursday
set on stun and do time. The dreams tarnish
when I feel like it. But each gun I see brings
remembrances of my days teaching to the elderly.
Critics of the current arts and crafts make
light, I slowly, with some butter-carving, make
dark and squirted, no scraped navel. Right off.
They arrived, all they asked for was wad of
lint, mellifluous.

* 6/ __ _ ____ _ __ _ ____ #$ /

Fall 2001 Tour Itinerary

We toured and below are the details of that. Check back to see where we're going next!!! kewl?

Seattle, Washington
Sil2k at I-Spy, 5th & Virginia, downtown $5 9 pm
w/ ovo (Italy) Voltage Regulator (Arch Cape, OR) + Rollerball (PDX OR)

Spokane, Washington
Subud House
402 S Coleman Rd.
$10 8 pm
info @ 509/624.1281
[Subud is an international organization. It is very interesting + our hosts were truly a joy to perform for. musicians take note: it's also a beautiful acoustic space in an old church complete with a disused baptismal font!]

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Unum series @ Salon
724 E 26th (26th + Chicago Ave.)
$8 8 pm
also daytime performance in the park with bassist Andrew Lafkas & percussionist Davu Seru. [Andrew + Davu joined us for a final set at Unum that evening and we thank them for it. They are fantastic players and wonderful hosts.]

Ann Arbor, Michigan
the Firefly Club
207 S. Ashley
w/ birth (Cleveland/NYC)
$5 8 pm
info @ 734/665.9090
[birth are totally sweet. very zorn-y recombinant jazzish/powertrio/drumNbass. Joe Tomino, the drummer, is truly a spectacle to behold. They're great guys too + we may play with them when we get to NYC]

Cleveland, Ohio
Speaking In Tongues
with the Jack Wright Trio
[Jack and his partner, Todd Whitman were both unbelievable, but, as there were 5 acts on the bill we didn't get to do a collaborative set with them as planned. Grrr.]

Zeitgeist Gallery
312 Broadway
$6 8 pm
[Wonderful. Tom Plsek, Soo-Jung Kae, and a singer played first and wowed. Plsek is the chairman of the brass dept. at Berklee School of Music, a very interesting trombonist, and one of the nicest guys you'd care to meat. Dave Gross joined us for a set on alto saxophone (w/ and w/out mouthpiece). James Coleman runs the series and is a thereminist of no small reknown and a wonderful host. We can't wait to play with him...]

Easthampton, MA
2 Holyoke St (Rt. 141)
w/ The Flirts (Netherlands)
info @ 413/527.9800
[Hosted by percussionist Matt Weston this space/series is a treat. The Flirts improvised a startling array of electronic sounds to a delighted audience as well.]

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
The House Of Choi
87 Dobbin St., #201 (2nd Floor)
w/ World of Tomorrow, Marantz, Double Leopards, Totally Tone Table Demonstration
8 pm, $5
[Crazed. Loft space in Bkln. Kyle Lapidus was our host & we crashed the night with Rich and Ross next door.]

Stephen's Loft
Location undisclosed
Private party.
[Very nice space, Kyle set this up for us & we loved playing for this audience. Jean-Paul is a rockstar.]

Jimmaize Cafe
Off mass ave across from Middle East
Session with Soo-Jung Kae (piano) & George Donchev (acoustic bass).

Chicago, IL
The Nervous Center
4612 N. Lincoln Avenue.
8 pm

Boise, Idaho
Marios Kerpen's House
119 N. 18th
7 pm w/ 3 other travelling bands
info@ 208/424.0385
[Nice mixed bill: K records singer/songwriters, Kentucky stoner-metal, and us. Marios is great!]

Portland, Oregon
Triumphant Homecoming Return Duck Hat Apple Future Promise Donkey Fuck Foot Bread!
2458 SE Tamarack (in Ladd's Addition)
w/ Amy Denio

8 pm, $5-$10 sliding scale

Joe Foster cornet, percussion
Joe has an ideal of which he is only partially conscious, but it has a great influence on his psychology. He must preserve his integrity and purity. Even though he may not be aware of it, he is often preoccupied with this question: How can he live in this world and remain true to himself? This is the eternal philosophic dilemna. Joe has developed a solution, however; he elaborates a fairly strict code of conduct and tries to obey it as much of possible. The path he walks in life is straight and narrow. He yearns f......reflects the ideal he has set for himself, as free as possible from irrational mysteries and human failings. If this may sometimes seem a bit rigid, a bit lacking in perspective, it is because his mind understands the m....the microcosm, and he must observe the completed system before he sill form is opinion. He is a.......sorting and choosing, because his mind is like a filter. It rejects the impurities and only accepts the .... Analysis, deductive reaasoning, and a sense of experimentation are Joe's qualities. He has a great m...... precision which make him a quick and efficient worker.....and pants. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and doesn't butter fools m.......lightly, but yes, and?

Jean-Paul Jenkins Soloist
An extroverted intuitive (to use C.G. Jung's terms), Jean-Paul is open to the reality of the world. Objects and their meanings hold a special duality in his mind, which contains equal parts of intellectual resources and sensitivity, intuition and humanism. As a function of this latter, he has a great sense of his fellow man, and the origin of people's unconscious wishes and motivations - in fact, his advice is often sought. Overall, Jean-Paul is renowned for his solos and ability to solo and continue soloing. He welcomes the signs arriving, and even incites them to promise more than they can provide. If something does not satisfy him, he has the ability to cheer himself up rapidly, and is quick to discover what positive aspects it may present. This involves a process of readaptation which requires formidable ego transformation. Jean-Paul is usually seen as an idealist. Jean-Paul has played in numerous contexts with and without the aid of electricity. He has also made appearances at locations from the squalid to the sublime, adding more or less than was necessary, depending. He has been scratched in the eye for his clarinet playing. He also flunked guitar in college with Shep Richards in spite of assurances that he was a very talented player.

Bryan Eubanks altosaxophone, percussion
Bryan's personality is mind-oriented. He understands and relates to the world around him and himself via thought and intellect. Memorixation, comparison, analysis, and the verbalization of his mental image.....................activities. He seeks to extend his personality by a mental outreach to a multitude of new ideas and.....acquainted with an ever-increasing variety of facets of human nature. Thus, language and symbolic exp...oral, are his primary resources in life, although they are also potential pitfalls. His eloquence, wit, and ve.....language, unquestionably give him power over other people (via communication) and things (science a.......taken to extremes, this faculty may lead to incoherent babbling. It is thus vital for Bryan to find an outlet for his flow of verbal expressoin, he must explain, communicate, and speak. If it is damned up, he will undoubtedly get cramps, the proof that he is alive and well. A kind of duality or spit personality might emerge...remember!

The Foster/Jenkins/Eubanks Trio is a hobby group, and the players consider themselves to be not just hobbyists, but strident advocates of hobbyism proper. The Trio has performed extensively on mainstream media sources in the Northwest, as well as more traditional "clubs," "bars," and "festivals" concerned with this music. In addition, the trio spends countless hours performing on the streets of cities and towns big and small.

Joe Foster cornet, percussion
“I’m of one these wild people who believes that with that the whole human share of a conscience consequently if a half and evil of you‘re somebody, you’re which is bad me believes however also much not to enter in line of account which like Bigfoot and UFO’s which in it’s which is dumb, for an examination me to form so seriously is regular. I only find not very odd that the same government which refuses the existence of UFO’s, on perforating with the ball of rifle theory.? exist; of “single;.

Jean-Paul Jenkins Soloist
My name is Jean-Paul per approximately 3 years of LaCount and I myself of Fotographie, with a nature and of done Wildnis mainly. I am drawn in our natural world to the photograph, because Liebefotographie I is not only also, in any mode me a biologist. I live in San Diego, California that its Wildnisses part has and the clear photographic occasions. My love for the ocean and SCUBA-Tauchen aproveitarou me in the Unterwasserfotographie that is still very new with me, consequently receives more better! I wait that you it aprec? my Fotographien and develop one recognition greater for the topic, this that can also always be.

Bryan Eubanks altosaxophone, percussion
Good day, my name is Bryan dealing with you not with my beautiful maintenance and solid chest muscles. I am batteur in the knowledge, how. If you think the fact that our songs suck can do you me blames. I receive the whole blame, because after everything I only am batteur, and touring bus batteur I does not have feels in music so one to speak only the truth, by deploring myself regarding the manner, how suck bad us. I concerned, as I know from devil, speak I (and for the majority the tape hears me not anyhow) however generally, always, if I something legend, is it habitually a crapgruppe. I am import it only the position. Indeed child i!

They were sopportato to Schang shark, People's Republic of China (with the republic by China Taiwan in the order to be confused geographically modified) hardly like years, 60, which I did not come to a fine. They were raised into the center of the cultural revolution and were informed, around revere to train our guidance such as God and my source materials inside turn if esibissero the behavior "counter in a revolutionary manner", like a transporting not its small red book. raising into this atmosphere, it has that I have detect had, in the phase begin her, which means merda the bull of the fact or transformano inside in a puppet of understanding of smaller the government. Naturally I did not learn completely the delimitation on the bull, which was left drawn in up to.

My source materials and I immigrated in America hardly, while years 70 came to a fine. Disk was king and people still the inferior flanging hurry carried and to have afros had. I thought that this was the workstation, which is hippest on the planet. The large thing approximately the America, I uncovered, was I that

c o n t a c t

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